Canarymeter di Colore Barçante

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The ground colors of canaries are six – recessive white, dominant white, yellow, ivory yellow, red, and ivory red. The melanin colors are four – non-melanic, black melanin, brown melanin, and fawn melanin. The categories are four – male mosaic, female mosaic, intense, and frosty. Mutations are – cobalt, emus, onyx, opal, pastel and topaz. We could combine all categories above and have 6 x 4 x 4 x 6 = 576 different colors. The Canarimeter is done up of four concentric disks and a pointer. The inner disk has all canary colors with recessive and dominant white ground. The second disk contains all colors of canaries with yellow and ivory yellow ground. In the third disk are all the colors of canaries with red and ivory red ground color. The fourth and last disk contains the six mutations. The pointers indicate the four categories, two by two: intense & frosty male mosaic & female mosaic.